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Alternative... one or more things available as another possibility or choice
— Oxford English dictionary

As an alternative practitioner who has lived and worked in Lewes for 14 years, I am constantly surprised by the richness of gifts and skills on offer outside of the community of conventional practice

Alternative Lewes hopes to be able to bring these practitioners and businesses together, enabling the local community to find whichever alternative service, product or event that they need.

How Alternative Lewes started

The seed of Alternative Lewes was planted while at a local festival (Into The Wild) in 2013. On meeting numerous talented and insightful people, I was astounded that even though they were locally based, these practitioners were almost entirely unknown to me or to my colleagues.

Curiosity not Censure

Alternative Lewes invites and welcomes an attitude of curiosity rather than a promotion of an “I’m right, you’re wrong,” point of view.

We are not here to sell cults or gurus. We gently invite people who are open to offering, or receiving knowledge, that gives an alternative choice to the conventional way.

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Anthea Barbary

Anthea Barbary