Acupuncture, Qigong, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Facilitation

I work in an integral way that includes several methods to improve wellbeing, health, psychology and spirituality. Acupuncture, Integral Core Therapy, Vital Spirit Qigong and Inspirit Way are used to address issues on all levels and are tailored to your particular needs.

This work is unique in the way that it integrates Chinese spirituality, psychology and medicine along with Western spirituality and humanistic psychological therapy. It is also a response to the times – how to live a meaningful and purposeful life in an increasingly unpredictable world.

In practice, we will create a safe space to enquire, reveal, heal and grow. We will spend time talking and relating; focussing on what you are sensing in your body and feeling in your emotions; finding ways to express your feelings through sound, movement and role-play; and most importantly connecting to your core self.

The positive benefit of enlisting your body, personality and spirit in this work is that you engage the whole of you in the remedy, recovery and discovery of yourself. By giving your attention to what’s happening in your body, emotions, mind and heart you better understand your inner process. Doing so you learn new ways to transform and improve your life. 

The primary focus is on your core self, the source of all your insight, self-care and strength. By tapping into your innate resources, you can resolve any personal difficulties, childhood hurts, relational issues, trauma-related states, psychosomatic conditions or general unhappiness. You also find a greater capacity to deal better with life’s challenges. You also uncover your natural disposition for creativity, beauty, joy and love. Simply put, you realise your human and spiritual potential.

By centering in your core you will have a firmer inner ground to evaluate, validate and value yourself. By aligning with your core you become revived, restored and enriched on all levels. This fosters deep psychological healing, personal transformation and spiritual actualisation, which liberates you to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. For, in the very heart of you is your genuine spiritual wholeness, your home, the real you.

In essence, what I offer is help you to accept, care for and in time love yourself.  I will be there for you to hold you in a heart-centered spacetill the pain is transformed into real well-being. I will stand by you whilst you overcome your difficulties. I will be a steadfast ally and mentor in support of your flowering into an autonomous spiritual being.