Jaki Harris

“Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak whispers the o’erfraught heart and bids it break”
Macbeth - Shakespeare

At the age of 25, Jaki experienced her first major loss of a loved one through suicide.  Since then, she has lost many close friends and family, as well as facing the possibility of her own death through a serious illness.  All this led to the realisation that this is her life’s work.

She has worked in the field for 30 years, initially as a bereavement counsellor, then as a parenting consultant and play therapist - specialising in work with terminally ill children and their families, before teaching death and dying on a Play Therapy Diploma and Masters in Family Therapy. 

She then went on to train in Life Coaching, and subsequently completed the Living Well Dying Well Death Doula foundation training. Jaki also has personal experience as sole carer for her elderly father with dementia, who lived with her for five years.

She now runs trainings in grief and loss, death and dying, as well as working individually with people going through major life transitions.  Her clients and issues covered have included those facing their own death, the death of those close to them, death of a child, grief and loss over ending relationships, divorce, loneliness, parenting and relationship challenges, menopause, and empty nest syndrome.  

Email: jaki@jakiharris.com