Jeremy Marshall

Acupuncturist, Tai chi & Qi gong teacher

I teach Tai chi in Lewes on a Monday evening at Christchurch hall, as well as Qi gong in Lewes on a Thursday evening at Trinity church hall (Saint James Street).

In my beginners Tai chi class, (5-6pm Mondays,) you will learn core principles and movements inherent in all Tai chi as well the beginning of the Wu style Tai chi form.

Whether you are interested in maintaining good physical and mental health, learning meditation or exploring the martial arts, this class will give you an understanding of what tai chi is and how it works.

In the following intermediate class (6.15-7.45pm Mondays,) we learn the tradition Wu style long form and simple pushing hands methods.

Qi gong (6.30-8pm Thursdays,) is open to those that are complete beginners and those with some experience. The focus of this class is simple slow meditative movements, designed to bring the body, mind and breath into a state of harmony and presence. Because the focus of Qi gong is recovering and maintaining good health we also cover other methods that work directly with the internal organs in this class.

I have been practicing Tai chi and Qi gong for over 20 years and have been teaching for 10 of those. I am a 6th generation disciple of the Wu family in Shanghai, and a senior instructor in the Wu style tai chi and Qi gong association UK. I have also been an acupuncturist for 10 years and practice acupuncture in Seaford.

What does this mean?

This means that I have learnt both Tai chi and Qi gong in the traditional way from high level masters through apprenticeship and deep self study. I understand the journey and process these arts take you through on many levels, and hope I can pass on the beauty and knowledge these arts have to offer us as my teachers have done to me.