Neil del Strother

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I have been working as a Journey Practitioner for seventeen years, helping people heal from all sorts of emotional and physical issues 

I studied psychology and was intending to go onto a career as a clinical psychologist, but I decided to train as a Journey Practitioner as I found that I healed more in my first Journey process than I had in two years of therapy.

As The Journey works to release trauma and emotions held at a very deep level it can help heal pretty much any issue you might have. I realise this is quite a claim, but as it goes to the root cause of issues and frees what is held there, its impact can be huge… sometimes almost miraculous. It’s not me doing anything miraculous mind you, I am simply the facilitator of the process. It is your own innate healing capacity that is freed up to do the work.

Over the years I’ve worked with people with issues ranging from abuse of all sorts, to addictions, to grief, to cellular diseases, to …well you name it. The process is very benign. It’s you - your ‘body’ - that is in charge. It knows where and how deep you need to go to get the healing you require. All you do is to let go to the process as much as you are able. It’s my job to help you do this.

For more information and to book and appointment visit or email / call : / 07746103700. (NB. I'm very happy to have a no obligation ten minute chat).