Hello, we are Ali and Sabine and we offer a variety of low cost workshops about the amazing benefits of doTERRA essential oils.

These oils have helped us so much that we feel very passionate about helping you to improve the health and wellbeing of you and your families, naturally without any side effects. These workshops are being held in the Lewes and Tunbridge wells areas, see listing for details or check out our facebook pages.

Our intention is to build a community of lovely people like you, providing inspiration to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These oils are 100% pure and of therapeutic grade. Please contact us for a chat or to order a free sample.

The kinds of ailments we can help support you with are: 

Cold and flu symptoms, allergies, hormone imbalances, emotional wellbeing, digestion, pain, anxiety, stress and skin conditions.

Ali Rabjohns is an experienced therapist, a teacher and an artist. She lives and has her own healing sanctuary near Lewes in East Sussex. 

Her vision as a complimentary therapist and wellness advocate is to create a safe and inspirational space, in order for you to experience the clarity of your next steps, towards balance and well-being. She is deeply committed to helping create a world for our children’s children and passionately promotes sustainability in her local community. She looks forward to meeting you, whether it is face to face, in a workshop or as part of a group, when the time is right for you.

Ali is fully trained in shamanic healing  with The Four Winds Society and will soon be qualifying with an MA in Arts Counselling at the Tobias School of Arts and Therapy. Ali has spent time in Peru working with a range of medicine men and women, participating in Amazonian medicine plant ceremonies and in Inca ceremonies in the High Andes.

Sabine has been interested in natural health and wellbeing for many years. She has lived and worked in therapeutic intentional communities for and with people with additional needs for 27years. Sabine has done a 5 year training in eurythmy, an art of movement which supports wellbeing and healing. More recently she has taken up her studies of natural health and wellbeing more intensively and started a training to be a health and transformational coach.
Sabine has also studied emotional freedom technique (EFT) and aromatherapy. 

Email: s.hope.doterra@gmail.com or ali@lucidhealing.co.uk